Alternative Medicine Vs Modern Medicine

We Used Heart Disease as the Bench Mark

We took the most serious disease in modern history, heart disease, and compared the leading solutions from modern and alternative medicine.

Leading Alternative Treatment: The Transcendental Meditation Program

The Transcendental Meditation Program has been taught to over six million people world wide. The program offers many health benefits and is especially effective at treating high blood pressure and heart disease.

Leading Conventional Treatment: Lipitor

Lipitor is the most sold pharmaceutical drug in the world, with annual sales of $12.9 billion dollars. It is used for reducing cholesterol, with the idea being that this will reduce the risk of heart disease.




Lipitor reduces cholesterol with the intention of also reducing the risk of a heart attack.


While Lipitor has been proven to be effective at reducing cholesterol, there is no evidence that it reduces the risk of heart disease*.

Side Effects

Memory Loss, Muscle Pains, Headaches, fatigue, rashes and many more.

Transcendental MeditationProgram


Reduces stress in the body, resulting in lower blood pressure and improved overall health.


Has not only been able to reduce high blood pressure, but also to reduce the risk having a heart attack. In a 17 year long peer reviewed study conducted by the NIH (National Institute of Health) the Transcendental Meditation Program reduced heart attack related moralities by 30%.

Side Effects

No known harmful side effects.

*Accept in patients who already had chronic heart disease whom account for only a very small percentage of the people taking the drug.


The world is spending 12.9 billion dollars on a drug that does nothing, and has many harmful side effects, when they could be using a simple meditation technique to achieve the desired goal.

The Transcendental Meditation Program has been fortunate enough to have been the subject of many research studies (over six hundred), which is why it served as a good example in this benchmark. However there are most likely many other cases where alternative medicine is more effective than modern medicine but which have not yet been researched as extensively.

Of course there are many situations where modern medicine is extremely useful. For example if you if you have a serious infection then antibiotics are obviously a good idea. But if your looking for the best way to prevent heart disease (or cancer), then stick with a proven solution like Transcendental Meditation.