Statins and Global Transient Amnesia

Earlier in the week a reader commented on a book by Dr. Duane Graveline entitled, Lipitor: outlaw of Memory. I had detected of Dr. Graveline earlier and was aspiring to comment it slow in future on his work. I even have not however scan lipid-lowering medicine outlaw of Memory or Dr. Graveline’s newer work lipid-lowering medication facet Effects but when reading the comment i spotted that i can not perpetually wait till I even have become dead professional in many topics before deciding that they’re price discussion, really, there could be one post a season if I did that. i’m entirely assured from what I do understand currently that this subject is price additional discussion.

Dr. Graveline has Associate in Nursing eclectic and storied background. he’s each a former National Aeronautics and Space Administration traveller yet as military medic and retired family professional. He holds a academic degree of drugs yet as a Masters degree publically Health. Dr Graveline, it appears, didn’t begin dead set become a critic of medication medicine, rather the arguing found him. As he describes on his web site, when Associate in Nursing annual physical as a part of his traveller program he was started on lipid-lowering medicine for elevated sterol. whereas there have been no immediate reactions, as Dr. Graveline relates,

“All was well till six weeks later, once my mate found ME walking without aim concerning the yard when I came back from my usual go in the woods. I didn’t acknowledge her, and solely reluctantly accepted cookies & milk–but refused to travel into my currently unfamiliar with home.
I “awoke” six hours later within the workplace of the examining specialist with a identification of transient international memory loss, cause unknown.”

A full medical work-up found no obvious cause for this fearful event and Dr. Graveline over the protests of his doctors selected to discontinue his lipid-lowering medicine treatment. Transient international memory loss is characterised by Associate in Nursing inability to integrate short term memory. that’s to mention, no matter is occurring around one can’t be place into any context involving one’s past and identity. A patient is ready to talk, however cannot do a coherent spoken communication as they can not recall quite the past few moments of words. typically they’re delineate as quite in earnest continuation a matter or statement, “as if a fraction of a sound track is being repeatedly rerun”. Motor skills square measure unaffected and even complicated behaviors could also be administrated with success, in concert patient has been reported to own continuing generating the generator in his automotive despite the attack. The victim conjointly retains a data of self and relations however is disoriented to house and time and can’t place the events occurring around him or her into any coherent context. as luck would have it, because the name implies, the memory loss is transient usually resolution when a median of concerning six hours.

All went well for Dr. Graveline till one year later, once he once more started on lipid-lowering medicine, this point at one [*fr1] his previous dose. As Dr. Graveline describes it,

“Six weeks later I once more descended into the black pit of amnesia–this time for twelve hours, and with a retrograde loss of memory back to my highschool days.
During that terrible interval, once my entire adult life had been eradicated, I had no awareness of my wedding or my four children; my school of medicine days or my 10 adventure-filled years as a air force flight surgeon; my choice as a National Aeronautics and Space Administration scientist-astronaut or my post-retirement decade as a author of medical fiction.

The names of my books were just like the names of my youngsters – gone from my mind as utterly as if that they had ne’er happened. as luck would have it (and generally for this obscure condition), my memory came back impromptu and once more I drove home being attentive to my wife’s wonderful tale of however the day’s events had flat.”

Dr. Graveline’s article is well price reading in its completeness, whereas his house.doc website contains a wealth of additional data on this and different health topics. Transient international memory loss may be a terribly rare if dramatic finding. antecedently it’s been reported within the medical literature as related to causative events like physcial sweat, cold water immersion, sexual activity, emotional crises and cerebral X-ray photography. Dr. Graveline goes on to catalog eleven case histories of people WHO report incidents almost like his own. To my data but, there’s no article within the medical literature investigation or maybe speculating on these occurrences. maybe that has to modification.

A MD WHO spent nearly 10 years at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, Dr. Maher, has authored peer-reviewed articles for the medical literature, authored a chapter on the genetic science of rare illnesss for a text book of rare disease medical aid and writes on his web site on neglected queries of medical importance yet as citing historical medical fallacies. you’ll realize a lot of of his work The Skeptic’s Health Journal Club